My perspective on the issues

Financial Responsibility

Our city currently faces a nearly $20 million budget shortfall that puts our financial future at risk. 

As a City Councilmember, I will:

  • Contribute the perspective and discipline I have honed in my 20+ years in the financial services industry to serve residents as a trustworthy steward of their tax dollars.
  • Support initiatives to grow revenue and exhaust all creative and sustainable options before considering those that would burden Santa Ana residents with higher taxes or more expensive city services.
  • Direct city staff to identify opportunities to save money and operate more efficiently by implementing a culture of continuous process improvement.

Economic Development

We must move Santa Ana's economy into the 21st Century while respecting the rights and needs of the city's diverse residents, neighborhoods, and communities. 

As a City Councilmember, I will:

  • Support development programs that recognize and reward the ingenuity and contributions of local entrepreneurs, artists and artisans.
  • Work to modernize our planning and permitting processes to reduce red tape and make it easier for small businesses to get started in our city.
  • Work to attract innovative businesses that bring high quality manufacturing, vocational, and technical jobs to our city.
  • Support community-driven development initiatives that include local perspectives in planning and budgeting conversations to ensure that community voices have a say in and benefit from the economic development opportunities our city pursues.

Addressing Homelessness

Santa Ana welcomes people from all over the region to enjoy the many shopping, dinning, arts and cultural experiences our city offers. Unfortunately, our city has also borne the brunt of the regional homelessness crisis as neighboring cities have turned their backs on their own homeless residents, shifted these populations to our city, and left us on our own to solve the problem. 

As a City Councilmember, I will:

  • Collaborate with the County and neighboring cities to identify  compassionate and actionable solutions to our region's homelessness crisis that fairly account for the contributions Santa Ana has already made as a leader on this issue.
  • Pursue legal options for holding neighboring cities and the county accountable for helping to address this issue if they do not contribute their fair share toward practical solutions.
  • Recognize that before the root causes of homelessness can be identified and addressed, the immediate need for safe and stable housing must be met; accordingly, I will support initiatives aimed at implementing a 'housing first' model in our region.

Protecting our Community

All Santa Ana residents deserve to feel safe in our city. Key to our sense of security is the need for a strong foundation of trust between our police force and residents. 

As a City Councilmember, I will support policies that:

  • Deliver officers training to build and sustain the trust of the community they serve, focusing on the need for law enforcement to establish and maintain a positive rapport with members of diverse, often marginalized communities.
  • Foster a culture in which law enforcement proactively collaborates and engages with the public.
  • Invite perspectives from the public and increase transparency whenever possible.
  • Reinforce Santa Ana's role as a welcoming and safe home for immigrants and their families.

Public Safety

Public safety must be our City Council's number one priority. In addition to the heroic efforts of our police and fire protection, Santa Ana residents rely on dedicated and hard working city staff to keep our neighborhoods secure. 

As a City Councilmember, I will support policies that:

  • Directly benefit the quality of life for Santa Ana residents, especially those that serve to educate and empower our city's youth or expand our access to open space.
  • Grow the ranks of city code enforcement staff and empower them to deliver high quality and efficient service to all Santa Ana residents and businesses.
  • Enhance public safety by making it easier to navigate the city by foot,  bike, and public transportation.


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